The Journey of Finding My Zen With Intricare Technologies

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Back in the day, when I completed my Bachelors of Computer Application degree from SP University, I had a clarity of mind that I will solve technical problems by getting into development. Just after completing my degree, I started a job as a junior software engineer and started learning PHP and created my first ever live project there.

As every position comes with the negatives and positives, the learning in my first job was good. But, there was a communication gap and I wanted to make sure that this should not affect my personal career growth and technical performance.

I started looking for better opportunities and got one at Intricare Technologies. The team was new and very enthusiastic, the way I liked! As it was a small team when I became a part of it, it was an amazing opportunity to motivate each other and learn from our mistakes.

The can-do attitude helped us develop some amazing products at Intricare Technologies. I also got an opportunity to learn cloud computing for the first time and applied all the knowledge while developing the products.

I’ve completed a three year journey with the team and I can say I love working with this environment and my team. I’ve got both personal and professional growth here. Developing my first end-to-end product with the team and to learn AWS cloud while working on it is a great experience.

Found my zen with the Intricare Team!

Arpan Shah and the HR team never fails to provide a positive environment to the team. Be it yearly outings or quarterly performance appraisals – the activities always refresh my mind and make me ready for the next set of challenges.

Having Zumba sessions with the team to playing indoor games and doing book reviews as a part of fun activities to playing my role in potluck lunch parties; it refreshing activities help me ease my mind and thoughts.

It was fun creating cloud-based SaaS applications like LinkedFusion and expanding my knowledge. I believe that all the difficult times and challenges make us stronger.

Last but not least, I would like to thank CEO Arpan Shah for this opportunity. He has always shown the way and done what a true leader should do in every situation.

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