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intricare gauri

When I was working on my computer science engineering’s final year project, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in android development. I started developing my skills in Android apps and Flutter. But, there was a twist that made me switch to the right career path for me. Here is the journey!

While working on my amazing project in the final year, I discovered that UI and UX design is a field that matches my interests and plays an important role in developing a great product. UX was the key thing which not only makes the user’s journey on the product easy, it also makes sure that the user retention will improve on the apps.

So, how did I start the journey of UX design?

As soon as I got into design and understood the design tools, I quickly enrolled for the Google course on Coursera. At the same time, I started following thought leaders on the UI/UX space on various platforms and started studying their successful portfolio designs. These things helped me get theoretical knowledge as well as made me aware of various design systems and tools. Initially, Adobe XD was my go-to tool to develop app designs. As the time passed, I started learning more tools like Sketch and Figma as well. I finally got a job as a junior UI/UX designer at an IT company in my hometown Vadodara only. And this time, unlike the interest in Android and now knowing what to do; I had a job that I ‘now’ wanted to do and an opportunity to put my design in the real world scenario. intricare ui-ux

The healthy shift

Being a newbie in the field of design, I used to get less work to do compared to what I always desired to do. For instance, I wanted to move things as quickly as possible. I wanted to make sure that I get the brief, do research, make wireframes, do UX research, iterate the designs and push it for development as quickly as possible.

So, I started exploring the opportunities where I can work with multiple products and get to understand the design-development process for my personal development.

Eventually, I found my dream team at Intricare Technologies. Here I felt that there is always room to grow. I got the position of UX designer and tool over the exact role I wish to have. A great support from design team, marketing team and technologically sound developers who create amazing digital experiences.

On top of that, I received really amazing new challenges and a work environment that made me push my limits everyday.  I finally switched to Figma for full-time designing. The collaboration with IntricareParivar is great and internal communication is also very supportive.

The new second home!

I am really grateful to work from the office as it’s kind of a second home where I can openly collaborate and communicate with the team. The team building activities and work environment is also amazing as the team understands and respects each other’s opinions and ideas.

This motivates me and has helped me grow personally and professionally. So, cheers, see you next time with some amazing UX story!

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