Chasing My Dream of Becoming a Leader With Intricare Technologies

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From the beginning when I started college it was very much clear in my mind that I want to be a leader. I have studied BE in computer science at Savitribai Phule Pune University. I always loved public speaking and I believed in teamwork.

So, I started working on a government project which was for FastTag. In which, I worked on the installation of RFID on the Bangalore highway. From there I gained lots of technical knowledge and also learned how exactly one should work in a team. Along with that project I did a couple of internships in tech. So, I learned Web development in 2017 and Android app development in 2018 with those insightful internship programs.

The development internships helped me change my perspective on the usage of technology and showed me a clear path about how I would love to grow my career in the future. As these were two huge MNCs in Pune, I got an opportunity to understand how team structures and project management works.

By the time I finished my graduation, I learnt about SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing), development, project management principles and team structures.Finally, l finished the final internship in a year and came back to my hometown Vadodara because of the covid and lockdown situations.

Moving Back to My Hometown and Joining the Right Team

In Vadodara, I was waiting for the covid to slow down. As the covid got slowed down, I again started giving interviews in Vadodara itself. Finally, I got a job at Intricare Technologies. The journey with Intricare Technologies was also an interesting one, I must add!

I started working as a Java Developer and worked on my first digital product called LeadConnect – an extension based automation tool. When needed, I also helped the HR team in hiring and started developing my love towards the digital marketing field.

As Intricare Technologies was a small & growing startup back then, I had an awesome opportunity to switch my role where I would learn and earn at the same time.

I joined the digital marketing field finally. And the digital products of the company helped me to gain lots of knowledge and gave me a magnificent experience in no time. The work environment over here is very pleasant and everyone over here is very friendly and accepting. From day one, I or my teammates never felt left out in the office.

Work experience over here is very fascinating. I have gained lots of skills from the team members and seniors including managerial skills and sharpened my leadership skills. The team also celebrates festivals and conducts many fun activities like book reviews, celebrating yoga day, corporate picnics, lunch events and much more; that helps us maintain the work life balance and boost our productivity.

On top of that, Intricare Technologies has given me practical knowledge about the entire product marketing stack including SEO, PPC Ads, Social media marketing and cold-outreach campaigns. I have also gained management skills from the company. Currently, I am working as a Digital Marketing Team Lead at Intricare Technologies. Where I have a marketing team working with me working and growing the digital products everyday.

Arpan Shah, the CEO of Intricare Technologies is also a supportive and technically sound person. This helped me gain a lot of practical knowledge and grew my problem solving skills.

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