A Journey From Freelancing to Fulltime UX Designer

ux-ux designer

The day I finished my engineering degree, I knew, I wanted to do something creative! Well, we all know that to become something, you gotta do engineering first. 😉

I always loved comic books and superheroes. And due to my inclination toward moving graphics, I gave a chance to motion graphics designing. Started a diploma course at a local institution and started picking up small-small design work as well. Boy oh boy, this is what I always wanted to do.

reading book

And while working on graphics projects, I came across a client who wanted me to design a website for him. And that was my first baby step into the world of UI design. While getting more projects, I understood that there is a field called UX design as well!

But, the problem with freelancing is, that you cannot actually work with complex teams and solve complex problems. For example, there were no connections with the development team, and as a UI/UX guy, it was impossible to create awesome designs, that work! Time passed and I decided to do the job as in job there is fix amount of work which is been provided. As a freelancer, the workload was not fixed. Sometimes, I have lots of work to do and sometimes there was no work, so my life was not planned at all.

I, therefore, made the decision to accept the position of UX Designer in Intricare Technologies so that my burden could be distributed and I could work for a set amount of time and schedule my life accordingly.

After joining Intricare Technologies I have learned lots of things doing the job. The team has given me great opportunities to learn new things as I was introduced to new software and a working environment.

Every team member of IntricareParivar was very much helpful and taught me new software, and working styles and cleared my doubts while collaborating with them. While working with the Intricare Technologies team, I can see and assess real gaps between design, development and user experience. That leads me to deliver better designs.

With free access to learning online materials and the availability of better collaboration and design software, personally, I’ve developed a lot of skills. Better time management, more learnings, better work-life balance and so much more.

While freelancing was fun, it did not give me the ability to work with great teams and constantly evolve my thinking process. Intricare Technologies is a great place to work and grow my professional career as it opened various dimensions for me.

Also, with weekly team-building activities, book reading activities and awesome management, I am enjoying the company at the new company! 😉

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