Every Expert Was a Fresher at the Beginning

ravi journey

Just like any other kid studying in school, I was fascinated by technology and always wanted to create something that can solve problems just with a click of a button. After pursuing my BCA from Saurashtra University, I joined MCA at Parul University in Vadodara. I was fortunate enough to secure a job as soon as I finished my MCA degree.

Started my career as a Junior PHP developer in an Ahmedabad-based company and started gaining experience in CodeIgniter and Laravel framework. Overall, the work environment was not pleasant for my liking, and was bombarded with a load of work. Due to a lot of pressure and initial burnout symptoms, I started looking for a change casually.

Once I finished my relationship with the company after two years, I planned to switch back to Vadodara, where I finished my master’s degree. To my luck, I got a job at Intricare Technologies as a PHP developer. With lots of complex products, and projects from a competent team at Intricare, I started exploring and learning a host of things possible in my development career.

The company helped me learn new things that can help products scale and help me grow personally. Starting from API development, Lambda functions, and even server-side programming; I and my colleagues explored a host of opportunities while working and scaling products.

The best part about working at Intricare Technologies is the incredibly welcoming and friendly atmosphere here within the company and from management as well. The management and working environment is well managed and we use a host of tools in day-to-day life to make the team collaborations even smoother.

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It’s always amazing to grow with the company you work with. I started as a PHP developer and now as a senior, I’m leading a team of junior developers & peers to build amazing SaaS products. Over the last three years of my association with the company, I’ve seen all great moments and have cherished all the opportunities we have got as a team. From quarterly RnR functions to festival celebrations and outings with the multi-functional teams to running events in the office, I refresh myself and keep engaging with my colleagues to enjoy my life and balance my work life.

The road to self-development never ends. And I hope with the association with Intricare Technologies, I will grow myself at the same pace that I grew till now.

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