Guide to Setup App Specific Passwords on Gmail

Setting up App Specific passwords

What Is An App Specific Password ?

An App Specific Password is a unique, one-time password that can be used in place of your regular G Suite password when signing in to third-party applications.

If you use two-step verification to sign in to your G Suite account, you may occasionally be prompted to enter an App Specific Password when signing in to a new application or device that doesn’t support two-step verification.

App Specific Passwords are generated by you, and are specific to the application or device you’re using.  You can generate App Specific Passwords for your G Suite account from the Google Account Security page. Each App Specific Password you generate is good for only one application or device. If you need to generate a new password for an application or device, you can do so from the Security page at any time.

If you lose or forget an App Specific Password, you can generate a new one from the Security page. You won’t be able to use the application or device until you generate a new App Specific Password and enter it in the application or device.

You may be asked for an App Specific Password when you:

  • – Use a new app or device that doesn’t support two-step verification codes.
  • – Use an app or device that’s been updated and no longer supports two-step verification codes.
  • – Use an app or device that doesn’t prompt you for a two-step verification code.

What Are The Steps To Generate App Specific Passwords ?

1. Log in your Gmail account and go to “My Account” 2.Please go to “Security” > App passwords (P.S. Your account needs to have 2 step verification turned ON) security app password 3. Enter your Gmail address password gmail address password 4. Under Select app, choose Mail or Other (Custom name), then select a device. Select App > Other(Custom name ) for using non-google applications. app passwords 5. You will get a google generated password for your device. (You wont need to remember, just copy the generated password) app generated passwords 6. Use the generated password as your App password to set up SMTP.

How to manage App specific passwords for google ?

If you need to create a new app password for a product or service, go back to the App Passwords screen to delete the old password that you previously set up but no longer use for the same application. The value of an application specific password is that you can revoke and regenerate a password on a service-by-service basis instead of changing the main password to your account. It’s best practice to use an app specific password for a single service. You are free to generate as many app-specific passwords as you like on google. app password These were the simple steps that you can follow to manage various passwords for your Google app logins. This feature will also make life easier for people who collaborate for their tasks at work. Do share this blog with your friends if you found this useful.